• MPC has a 12 hoist, completely automated plastic plating machine
  • The MPC Plater features large tanks – capable of plating the largest parts in the industry
  • Auxiliary Anode Capability allows for plating – to specification - large parts and parts with complex geometry
  • Multiple plating cycles accommodate different substrates and finishes
  • ABS
  • PC-ABS
  • Satin Nickel Chrome
  • Bright Nickel Chrome
  • Nickel only with brushed finishes


  • MPC is IATF 16949 Certified
  • MPC is fully-approved by all major Automotive, Truck and Appliance Manufacturers
  • MPC is capable of performing all required corrosion and durability testing on finished parts in our on-site test lab.

Supply Chain Management

  • MPC can plate and finish customer-supplied moldings
  • MPC can provide a turn-key solution including molding, plating, assembly, brushing and/or painting to customers who prefer to receive a complete finished product.
  • Fully integrated Plex ERP System tracks inventory through each step of the process We can verify the results of every phase of the processing cycle for each part USMCA Approved to ship to Mexico and Canada

Technical Staff

  • MPC’s Technical Staff has extensive experience in trouble-shooting plastic plating chemistry as well as in designing plating racks to optimize results
  • MPC maintains consistent plating excellence by performing chemical titrations 24/7 on all plating baths in the on-site chemical lab.
  • Auxiliary Anode Capability allows MPC to handle parts with complex geometry Use of an Electroless Copper first layer increases corrosion prevention and improves plating adhesion vs. an Electroless Nickel first layer
  • Job Shop Capability
    • MPC Works with both large and small customers and varying order sizes
    • MPC has developed flexible plating cycles to meet the varied demands of our customer base in Automotive, Heavy Truck, Appliance and Medical.

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