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MPC Plating Co. was founded as a metal plating operation over 60 years ago. Branching out into plastic plating in 1985, MPC now plates exclusively on plastics.

With over 40 years of plastic plating experience, MPC has remained a one-stop job shop plater, investing in world-class  equipment and developing a team capable of producing products that meet the demanding specifications that our customers require in the Automotive, Appliance, Heavy Truck and Medical industries.

As a job shop plater, MPC has remained flexible, developing a business system that can deliver the highest quality interior or exterior plating in multiple finishes with quick turnaround.

We can plate your molded products, or we can provide a turnkey mold/plate solution. We process large and small orders efficiently on our computer-controlled plating equipment, guaranteeing consistent results on each order.

Our Plex ERP System tracks orders through the plant from receipt of parts to shipment aiding on-time delivery.

Our experienced team operates on-site chemical and testing laboratories. The chemical testing ensures that our process is capable and consistent. The test lab verifies that products meet all specifications for durability and corrosion resistance.

The MPC Pledge

We pledge to use all of our resources: people, equipment and processing expertise to deliver high-quality plated parts that meet or exceed expectations for every part, every time.

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