Metal Electroplating Process

You’ll See Nothing But The Shine!

MPC’s metal electroplating process begins with copper and ends with chrome. In between, we offer a full range of metal plating services applied to the following substrates:

  • Zinc die-castings and stampings
  • Brass
  • Steel, and
  • Copper

Performance of all plating meets Service Condition requirements for corrosion resistance on interior applications and features the following process operations:

  • Polishing & Buffing – removes parting lines and smooths the surface for plating
  • Copper Strike – improves plating adhesion, protects against corrosion from subsequent plating operations
  • Bright Acid Copper – provides leveling and good thermal cycling
  • Bright Nickel – provides corrosion resistance and a highly reflective finish
  • Chrome – protects nickel layer against corrosion and provides a clean decorative finish

The past 3 years, including this year, have been at zero PPM. Zero PPM over 1.4 million parts per year is something to be very proud of. I would like to commend your employees for a job well done!

— David Wolanin

The Art of Plating

Our high-volume metal plating and finishing expertise allows us to successfully serve both the functional and decorative needs of a variety of industries including automotive, appliance, plumbing, and hardware.